As part Valentino Shoes Sale of his ongoing effort to make your life a beautiful, happy fashion wonderland, Alber Elbaz is teaming up with Lancu00f4me for his first-ever makeup line. The collection, Hypnu00f4se Show, comes with a super-cute special packaging in the spirit of his uncanny ability to make even the most high-end of brands like Lanvin seem approachable and fun.

This collection will include mascaras, eyeshadow palettes, and false eyelashes. u201cAfter school, I moved to New York, and every time I would go back home I would stop at Valentino Rockstud Shoes Lancu00f4me and buy my mom a gift,u201d Elbaz told n WWD. And, that's when things got weird, in a really great way. While explaining how he originally envisioned his contribution to cosmetics, the designer recalled a memory of holidays past: u201cOnce I was in a fancy place where there was this group of people that were all shining. The shoes were shining, the hair was shining, the skin, watches and diamonds u2014 but the eyes were not shining,u201d he said. u201cI thought if I were to do a project I would love to do a u2018happy eyeu2019 project to make the eyes shine.u201d

If that's not Proustian, we don't know what is. Either way, this one's on our beauty shopping list when Valentino Shoes it comes out this June.